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Ajax is a set of web development methods that uses a variety of client-side web technologies to build asynchronous web applications. Ajax allows web applications to send and retrieve data from a server asynchronously without interfering with the existing page display and behavior.

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Ajax Programming


Ajax is short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which refers to a set of web development techniques rather than an actual programming language. Ajax however, is widely used in client side programming (e.g. JavaScript) to allow for data to be sent and received to and from a database / server. Whats special about using Ajax programming is that you can exchange data in the background without actually disturbing the user experience. This method is extremely useful both for website performance and usability. Since asynchronous loading is non-render blocking, it will allow your pages HTML to continue parsing even if it encounters a script tag. From a usability standpoint, visitors can benefit from seeing certain information generated without having to reload the page. This is a huge step forward for improving perceived performance.

What you’ll learn in Ajax Programming Course

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Throughout these Ajax Programming courses for beginner's you will learn core concepts, common patterns using Ajax Programming and, finally, some of the best practices to Web Development using the Ajax Programming framework.



Once you have the basics using the Ajax Programming framework, you will continue to build on your existing knowledge and, with these intermediate courses you will have a deeper understanding into some interesting features.

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